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  1. During call you should check the watch is connected to the app.
  2. Restore the watch [Long press the power button twice then click on restore option].

  1. Through watch, In the main interface slide right to call enter the call interface
  2. Through Mobile, you can call by opening the imoo app

  1. Check the volume of the watch- Go to watch setting > Ringtone & Volume > Volume control
  2. Check the Scheduled Power ON/Off, if the watch is set to turn off there will be no incoming calls or message. Go to imoo watch phone app > More > Scheduled Power On/Off
  3. Clean the speaker of the watch with cotton

1. When the battery is low or there is only one bar of battery power, the watch will shut down automatically when you make a call.
2. At low temperatures, the watch will automatically shut down when you make a call. It is recommended to wear the watch under your sleeve.

  1. Use another phone to call the watch and check if there is still an echo.
  2. Take your watch out into the open air and make a call away from the phone to see if there is still an echo.
  3. Restore the watch and reinstall the app.

Slide left in the watch, then slide down, then there is an icon of Take photo.

  1. Charge your watch through 5V 1Amp adapter, power bank, PC or laptop. Do not use turbo charger.
  2. The power consumption will increase if the screen brightness is 100%
  3. This may occur if the number of screens wake up time increase.
  4. This may occur if you continuously play game in your watch.

You can follow these steps to charge your watch: 

  1. Connect the charging cradle to a power adapter, and plug in the power adapter.
  2. Put your watch in the charging cradle. Align and attach the charging contacts of your watch to those of the charging cradle until you can see the battery level on the watch face.
  3. When your watch is fully charged, 100% will be displayed on the watch screen and the charging will stop automatically. If the battery level is below 100% and the charger is still connected to the phone, the charging will start automatically. (You cannot use the watch when it is in charging)

  1. Make sure that the wall socket is functioning properly and not lose or damaged.
  2. If it still doesn’t work try to charge from a different wall socket.
  3. If it still doesn’t work try to clean the charging point of the watch and the charging pins of the charger.
  4. Charge through laptop or PC, power bank.

  1. Charge your watch in a well-ventilated environment. Before charging, make sure the charging port is dry. Wipe off any water or sweat.
  2. Please use 5V 1Amp charger, do not use turbo charger.
  3. Charge through laptop or PC, power bank.
  4. Check if the charging cable is damaged.

In Class Mode, the watch can only tell the time and will reject all calls and messages for a certain period of time.

Open imoo watch phone app > More > Class Mode> set the class mode.

If “Contact parents under class mode” is allowed, the watch in Class Mode can call the administrator and parents as well as tell the time.

  1. To check watch is connected to another phone [If watch is connected to another phone, then you have to unbind the watch otherwise, you have to send binding request to admin phone].
  2. Check the watch and app are updated.
  3. Restore the watch [Long press the power button twice].
  4. If still issues persist, try to connect with different phone.

  1. Make sure you are using Android 4.4/ IOS 9.0 or above OS version in your smartphone.
  2. It is necessary to accept and agree to all the terms and permission.
  3. Make sure you have download imoo app in your phone.
  4. If you still continue to have binding issues, please restart your phone and try again.

Ensure that you have to enable notification in imoo app.

  1. Open imoo watch phone app > More > App settings > Notification then enabled the Notification.
  2. Go to Phone Setting > Notification > Manage Notification > imoo watch phone app>Enable.
  3. If you still not receive notification, please lock your app in the background.

The specific Restore operation is as follows:
1. Long press power “On/Off” button twice on the back of the watch.
2. “Restore” will appear. Click “Restore” and the watch will automatically restart. After restoring, the watch can be used normally.

  1. Press “On/Off” for 10 seconds and check whether the watch has returned to normal.
  2. If the situation continues, long press power “On/Off” button twice on the back of the watch. “Restore” will appear. Click “Restore” and the watch will automatically restart. After restoring, the watch can be used normally.

1. Don’t worry. The Z1 watch adopts the 4G network. Just like a smartphone, it will get slightly hot after a long time in use, but this is normal and will not affect the performance or service life of the device.
2. If the watch is seriously hot, please turn it off for a while and continue to use it after it cools down.

1. Check whether the speaker hole is blocked by foreign matter. Try again after cleaning.
2. The speaker may be waterlogged. Try again after letting it dry.

It normally takes 4-7 seconds to locate. If it takes too long, you can check whether the watch is using the 4G network; if not, please confirm whether your SIM card enables 4G data or whether the current environment is severely blocking the data network.

After binding the watch to your mobile phone:

  1. Enter imoo watch phone app > Watch network > Add network.
  2. After setting up, the watch will automatically connect to Wi-Fi. The watch only supports 2.4G Wi-Fi.
  3. You can also connect Wi-Fi in watch (Watch Setting > WLAN > Select Network.
  4. After setting up, watch will connect to the Wi-Fi.

The watch does not support Wi-Fi connections to authenticated networks.

  1. Check in other devices WIFI working or not.
  2. Restart the watch.
  3. Go to watch setting > WLAN > Enable WLAN > Select Wi-Fi network.

It says “Wrong Password for WIFI Connection” during imoo Watch:

  1. First, check whether the WIFI password is wrong, then re-enter the password.
  2. Turn on a hotspot on your phone and check whether the watch can be connected to the hotspot.
  3. If it still doesn’t work, set a simple password such as 12345678 and try again.
  4. Long press “On/Off” for ten seconds to restore the watch, then try again. Home WIFI connection.

1. Re-insert the SIM card and try again.
2. Try again in an area with little signal interference.
3. Insert a new SIM card. If the network does not return to normal, please contact the SIM card operator for solutions.

In the main interface, slide down to enter the notification interface; check the notification bar icon at the top to see the status of the network.

Yes, you will need to install a standard NANO SIM card into the watch phone.

You need to enable caller ID display and GPRS data Internet access. Your phone plan should have at least 500M of data per month. The watch supports 4G exclusive data and 2/3/4G general data. Please confirm with the customer service staff of the operator when applying for a SIM card plan.

Choose Compatible Operators for Your imoo Watch Phone

imoo Watch Phone Z1 currently supports most mainstream operators in India.       

Compatible Operators Incompatible Operators
Airtel, VI, BSNL, MTNL None

Please note:

All carrier and frequency band data is collected from

It is recommended that customers check the frequency band with local carrier and purchase a Nano SIM Card. Ensure that the product will work properly.

imoo Watch Phone Z1 is compatible with following frequencies.


Compatible Frequency Band
B8(900) B1(2100) B1(2100) B40(TD 2300)
B3(1800) B5(850) B3(1800+) B41(100M)
  B8(900) B5(850)  

If you have any additional questions or require further clarification, please click the link below to contact us directly.

The watch will automatically download the installation package when it is charged and connected to WIFI. It can be downloaded in about 20 minutes under normal network conditions. After downloading, keep the watch on. When the battery power is above 50%, the watch will be automatically upgraded. No charger is required during the upgrade, which will be completed in 3-4 minutes.
Note: The time required for downloading and upgrading is determined by the network environment to which the watch is connected.

If the watch has detected a new version but it can’t be upgraded, please make sure that the watch has enough available space, then restart the watch and:
1. Connect the watch to Wi-Fi.
2. Enter imoo watch phone app > More > Watch’s Firmware Update > Enable Auto update > Enable Download Software Updates with Data.
3. Plug the charging cable of the watch, then check whether the charging interface shows the progress of downloading the upgrade package. After downloading the upgrade package, the watch will automatically enter the upgrade interface to upgrade to the new version when the battery power is more than 50%.

1. Turn off and restart the watch, insert the SIM card and connect the watch to the Internet, then charge it and try again.
2. Enter imoo app > More > Watch’s Firmware Update > Enable Auto update > Enable Download Software Updates with Data.
3. If the situation continues, long press power “On/Off” button twice on the back of the watch. “Restore” will appear. Click “Restore” and the watch will automatically restart. After restoring, the watch can be used normally.

Open imoo app > More > Enter kids’ profile > Enter watch number and Save

Long press power “On/Off” button on the bottom of the watch and release it after the on/off page appear. On the on/off page, press “On/Off” for 3 seconds and “Restore” will appear. Click “Restore” and the watch will automatically repair the system and restart. After restarting the watch can be used normally.

  1. Go to imoo watch phone app > More > Watch setting > Emergency SOS > Enable SOS
  2. Make ‘C” alphabet on watch screen after that you can call the admin directly.

You can follow the steps to setup your watch phone:

  1. Press “On/Off” on the back side of the watch for 2 seconds to turn it on.
  2. Download and install the imoo app on your phone.
  3. Open the imoo app and sing up or login.
  4. Pair with QR code (Bind Code) scan -You can use the bind code scan method to pair the watch.
  5. Go watch Setting>More>Enable international roaming.

After you enter an APP, slide right to exit the APP.

In the main interface, slide down to show the watch status bar and important pushes and reminders which are in chronological order.

Long press on the main interface to enter the dial change interface, slide left and right to see styles, and select one to change the dial.

Slide left on watch screen > Add Friend > Click “Start Making Friends”, then find a friend and touch your watch with his/hers to add him/her as a friend.

Note: The Add Friends function is only available when you and your friend both use the imoo Watch Phone.

Slide right on watch screen > Open Chat > Select Friend > Slide right > Click on Album or Take a photo icon and Send

Slide right on watch screen > Open Chat > Select Friend > Press Hold and Talk

Only users who download and install the APP on their phones and bind the watch to their phones will automatically enter the family group chat module. A watch can be bound to up to 20 phones.

The watch can store the latest 500 text (voice) messages for Chat.


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