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After Sale Policy for Website

Imoo Watch Phone After Sale Policy

All imoo products and accessories are covered by the manufacturer’s warranty. Please check the table below for details on the warranty coverage for your products and accessories.

Warranty FAQs

➢ What is imoo Warranty Policy?
Customers who purchase a imoo watch phone may replace it within 10 days, and will receive 2 year of free maintenance, and 6 Months Local Replacement Warranty for the Accessories from the purchase date if there are any functional faults(For details, please refer to warranty terms or contact on imoo support).
➢ What is a Warranty Period?

S.No. Category Description Warranty Period
1 Watch Phone Main Device 2 Years
Accessories 180 days

Note : Cosmetic item such as watch phone strip are not covered in warranty.

➢ Will there be any cost incurred on the after-sales maintenance if the product purchased is still under 2 year warranty?
The warranty for the Product – for a period of 24 months from the Date of Purchase or proof of purchase. You are entitled to complimentary maintenance services by imoo support for any manufacturing defect provided the device is not being misused or abused, damaged or waterlogged.
➢ Do I entitle to the warranty service if I lost my invoice?
A valid warranty card and invoice are required to ensure the basic guarantee of your rights, please be sure to keep them safe
➢ Will this warranty be applicable internationally?
The Warranty applies only to customer who purchased the product in India and is not assignable or transferable to any subsequent purchase/customer.
➢ What are the documents I need to carry under this process?
You shall get the warranty services through imoo support for the products within warranty period along with the supporting documents.
If the service policy conflicts with national laws and regulations, all the laws and regulations of the country shall take priority.
➢ What is not covered by the warranty on the watch phone?
Some accessories (for example: manual, warranty card, Sim Ejector.) are not covered by this warranty
➢ How to claim a warranty/register a complaint?
Step 1 – Go to support imoo page
Step 2 – Click on “Register Complaint”
Step 3 – Fill all details and register your complaint
Step 4 – After Create complaint docket no. your complaint is registered and resolve as soon as possible

Warranty Terms

➢ Warranty replacement and repair instructions
• This warranty policy applies only to imoo watch phone sold in India.

• A customer may choose watch phone replacement if there is any functional error in watch phone within 10 days from the date of purchase and is also entitled for two year warranty.

• For removable charger warranty period is 180 days after purchase.

• In order to avail warranty replacement and repair services, one should show the valid proof of purchase.

• Some accessories (for example: manual, warranty card, Sim Ejector.) are not covered by this warranty
➢ Warranty repair instructions
• Warranty repair services are valid only if the product is used normally. If the product is damaged due to reasons other than product quality or under one of the following situations, one is not entitled to get warranty replacement or repair services.
1. Warranty period has expired for warranty replacement or repair services.

2. No valid proof of purchase.

3. The content on the valid proof of purchase does not match the labels on the product or has been altered.

4. Damaged caused by irresistible force like earthquake, fire etc., natural wear and tear of the product (for instance scratch or broken marks on back cover, button, display screen and accessories etc.).

5. Faults or defects in the product that are not manufacturing defect or functional fault.

6. If handset damages due to using non-original accessories (charger, data cable etc.) is not covered in the replacement and warranty services.

7. If product is damaged due to the physical damage.

• imoo disclaims any responsibility or claim for any type of rash or skin irritation resulting from the use of imoo products and cannot provide any repair or replacement for such issues.

• imoo shall not be liable for any indirect or consequential liability, damage or loss of property or life, injury, loss of personal data of any kind, arising directly or indirectly from any defects in imoo products.

• If the service policy conflicts with national laws and regulations, all the laws and regulations of the country shall take priority.

• During the warranty period, if the imoo Watch Phone is not damaged by human or the product itself has some manufacturing fault, the watch phone and charging base accessories can be replaced separately.


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